Power-only Trucking like no one else can

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Powersource Transportation

Power-only trucking like no one else can



Powersource Transportation is a nationwide power-only trucking company that transports anything on its own wheels except mobile homes. We have the highest earnings average in the industry, without exception. We will compare our numbers to anyone doing this type of work.

In the power-only business we do not load, unload, tarp, or count. The power-only business allows you, the owner operator, to do what you got into this business for in the first place, and that is drive. We are a company founded by and operated everyday by ex-owner operators just like you. We absolutely will not stand for our people to be treated disrespectfully.

We are professionals, we treat our people that way, and we pay our people that way. We feel that you owe it to yourself, your family, your career, and the return on your investment to call us and discover the opportunities that await you in the power-only business.


·         Anything on wheels - except mobile homes

·         42% empty trailers

·         33% specialized entertainment transportation

·         25% miscellaneous

o    Rock Crushers

o    MRI trailers

o    Wood chippers

o    Medical Labs

o    Tool Trailers

o    Generators

o    Stacked Chassis

o    Carnival Rides

o    Government Freight


·         48 States and Canada

·         Main lanes – Midwest/Northeast/Southeast

·         Fleet average is 3-6 weeks on the road




Owner Operators



Powersource’s contractors are the best in the industry, and the force behind our excellent reputation. The importance of our contractors is reflected in our competitive compensation packages.


We know that there are lives and obligations outside the road, and we want all of our contractors to be clear-headed behind the wheel, comfortably knowing that their future is secure.

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